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    Christina Mitrisin, Certified Peer Specialist

    We all wish to live well and thrive, and rarely does a person accomplish this alone. Our lives become richer and more whole when we have consistent opportunities to share our joys and pains without fear of judgment. Unfortunately, the path of healing from mental illness and trauma can be highly isolating, due to the unique and complex challenges that are involved. This isolation can lead to deep feelings of hopelessness and fear that things may never change or get better. We become stuck and lose faith in our ability to move forward, grow and succeed.

    This is a story I know on a deep and personal level. As a Certified Peer Specialist – Mental Health, I am a person in successful, ongoing recovery from a psychiatric diagnosis, and who has been trained to use my lived experience to help others create pathways to their own long-term wellness and healing. My priority is to create a safe, judgment-free space where individuals can feel deeply seen, heard and understood. I am experienced at utilizing peer support, skills coaching and recovery mentoring to help individuals discover their strengths, identify goals and barriers, find creative solutions to complex problems and expand their set of personal wellness tools. 

    Recovery is possible for every person, but no person is meant to go it alone. The true benefit of peer support is discovering that you aren’t alone, and that hope does exist.

    Focus Area: Peer support for adults experiencing challenges that include: depression, anxiety, trauma, grief/loss, life adjustments, poor sense of self, emotion regulation, mental health-related stigma, and more

    – Recovery mentoring for adolescents who are navigating mental health challenges, family and life stressors, self-esteem challenges, and more

    – DBT skills coaching

    Contact: Christina@counselingplusmore.com